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Needle Roller Bearing
Product description
Small cylindrical rollers are the rolling elements of needle roller bearings. They are designed to reduce friction of a surface which is in rotation. Due to its shape, the needle bearing has a larger surface area that is in contact with the outer surface of the bearing.

Axial needle bearings are flat and use a radial pattern while the radial needle bearings have a cylindrical shape and the rollers run parallel to the axis of the shaft.

Product construction
Needle roller bearings consist of an inner race (shaft), needle cage, needle rollers and an outer race. The rollers are cylindrical, thin, and long. These bearings are compact because there is less clearance between the diameter of the shaft and that of the bearing. This quality makes them suitable for situations where there is limited radial space.

Product types
The different types of needle roller bearings available are as follows:
  • Entity Bushed Needle Roller Bearings – it has a small sectional height. It has the ability to operate flexibly even with the light alloy bearing seat. This is because it has a high hard outer ring.

  • Drawn Cup Needle Roller Bearings – they are specifically designed for radial loads and have the ability to reduce friction between rotating components. They have a deep drawn and a thin-walled outer ring with an open or closed end. They are easy to install and suitable for compact and economical arrangement. Used where the housing bore cannot be used as a raceway for a needle roller and cage assembly.

  • Needle Roller & Cage Assemblies – as the name suggests, they comprise of cages and needle rollers. Their radial section is less than the diameter of the needle rollers. They can therefore be arranged in a small radial design envelope. This type of needle roller bearings are easy to fit, have a very high load capacity and can perform at high speeds.

They are compact therefore can function where there is limited space, have a high load capacity.

They can be used in tasks with limited radial space and can endure heavy loads. Specifically, needle roller bearings are widely used in numerous engine components such as transmissions, rocker arm pivots, compressors, pumps. Also in steering and braking systems, power tools, fax machines, copier machines.
Needle Roller Bearing